PT. mega inovasi teknologi

IT  infrastructure  and Network  Security  integration

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PT. Mega Inovasi Teknologi (MIT) was started on April 2014, is a systems integrator of information technology company who focusing on IT  infrastructure and Network Security integration. We are highly committed to provide services and solutions to small-medium and large scale enterprises located in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.

PT. Mega Inovasi Teknologi(MIT) helps client to stride in build technology by analyzing and providing appropriate advice. We provide solutions to network infrastructure, and security to the customer to follow what is needed in business processes both current and future development without losing the value of the investments made.


Being a company that is reliable, have good relationships and trusted by customers, business partners and principal as well as good long term relationships.


Being a company that can provide insight and innovation to the benefit of IT to improve the way IT Society work and lives.

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